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A body that learned to live free essay sample

I was at one time the crook, the offender to myself; a body with out significance, an idea with out consideration; a figure simply gliding through life, wanting to be anything, yet what it was. Appreciative? Be that as it may, for what? I had two legs, however they whined to walk and never set out to run. I had a mouth that had to not eat all and only here and there shut as my mind thought of new thoughts that it needed to let out. I had lungs to take in air, however so did each living individual. Appreciative? For what reason would it be a good idea for me to have been? I was brought into the world simply equivalent to any other person. Glancing back at how I once felt, I feel embarrassed, egotistical, and oblivious. To think wellbeing was not something to be appreciative for, invest heavily in, and treasure while its uncommonness was yours, is past stupid, but on the other hand is a typical idea that rushes through the psyches of all. We will compose a custom exposition test on A body that figured out how to live or on the other hand any comparable subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Be that as it may, these considerations evaporated from my body, as tears poured accumulated around my eyes my lesser year of secondary school; I had chosen to start chipping in at Special Strides. Unique Strides is a non-benefit association that locally helps kids with mental imbalance, cerebral paralysis, and other testing sicknesses through treatment by ponies. Offspring all things considered and measures come to Special Strides to get treatment that doesn’t cause them to wince, however makes them snicker and grin. I started chipping in light of the fact that I needed to support youngsters, yet I really trust it was the kids who spared me. The kid I’ll always remember is Michael. Michael is three years of age, yet words cannot leave his mouth, food cannot enter it, and air battles to discover it’s path through it and into his lungs. His body doesn’t move the manner in which he needs it to and as per specialists, he ought not still be alive. Michael, a kid corrupted of basic discourse, the capacity to walk or make a move, the information on his future, and the least complex taste of food discovers joy on the planet and his life. He continually grins, and on the off chance that he could talk, I know he’d be appreciative for all that he has despite the fact that it’s much not exactly a great many people. Michael carries tears to my eyes each time I see him and his grin. I like to trust I helped make his days simpler, his evenings better, yet at long last. It was Michael who transformed me. On account of him I love life and no longer take it or the easily overlooked details that envelop i t for conceded. It’s impeccable to state that a young man showed me the exercise that remolded my perspective on life, however I genuinely owe it to him. Michael isn't the main kid who spared me; subsequent to chipping in at Special Strides for over a year, I can sincerely say that my new yield, ethics, and qualities are totally taken pieces from kids; kids who were brought into the world with lasting deterrents throughout their life, yet love each moment of it. My legs do not contend anymore, yet they make each stride with a feeling of gratefulness; my mouth no longer evades the normal taste of food, yet it relishes each chomp; my psyche no longer permits itself to be fenced in, yet it communicates continually; my lungs, they still breath, yet not on the grounds that they need to in light of the fact that I invest wholeheartedly in them doing as such. By living selfishly the manner in which I was, I was letting down kids like Michael; I now not just live for myself, I live it for the individuals who wont have the option to, for the individuals who won't develop old. Chipping in has molded my life from the square of dirt it used to be and into a wonderfully cherishing sculpture that won't quit sparkling for anything; I keep on chipping in at Special Strides now, not on the grounds that I need the childrens help, but since I need to support their lives; I need to give them back the endowment of life that they gave me; on the off chance that anybody merits the marvel of life, it is them.

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What differences are there between the US and the UK in either the Essay

What contrasts are there between the US and the UK in either the legislative issues of fetus removal or the governmental issues of same sex connection what clarifies these distinctions - Essay Example States, for example, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Iowa, and Connecticut in United States do perceive that gay people have their social liberties to wed [1]. Work Party government offers rights to gay people. There are just slight qualifications among relationships and same-sex couples in Britain. Plans are in progress to dispense with those distinctions and completely acknowledge same-sex marriage as authentic relationships. Both UK and U.S began fetus removal in 1967 and 1973 separately. Same-sex marriage as of late has hit the features in the American governmental issues. England has encountered a few responses to change laws on premature birth and homosexuality in parliament and Conservative Party. US and UK have all around characterized dissimilarities in their legislative issues of premature birth and same-sex marriage. To begin with, both United States and United Kingdom have premature birth Acts that explains the methodology of its application and the individual to apply it. In Britain, the endeavors to correct laws on fetus removal began in 1967 when premature birth Act was loose. These new changes permitted premature birth under banished states of soundness of hatchling and mother. US through a decision by Supreme Court prompted a difference in law on premature birth in January 1973. The new law expressed obviously on where, who, and time cutoff points of fetus removal. For the under-age, assent was required so as to permit premature birth. The essential uniqueness in UK and U.S on laws of fetus removal is that it permits premature birth is on demand for the U.S however it is dependent upon area and states of mind of doctor on the previous. The United States Supreme court perceives the privileges of ladies to prematurely end. They do it through exceptionally cryptic way since it esteems and regards individual security. Unexpectedly, British Abortion law doesn't give protection to ladies. It has limitations and one needs to give certifiable reasons before getting a lawful authorization to prematurely end. In U.S, there have been various episodes to stop premature birth in

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What You Need to Know About Nicotine Lozenges

What You Need to Know About Nicotine Lozenges Addiction Nicotine Use How to Quit Smoking Print Using Nicotine Lozenges for Quitting Smoking Guidelines for Using This Smoking Quit Aid By Terry Martin facebook twitter Terry Martin quit smoking after 26 years and is now an advocate for those seeking freedom from nicotine addiction. Learn about our editorial policy Terry Martin Medically reviewed by Medically reviewed by Richard Fogoros, MD on October 22, 2019 Richard N. Fogoros, MD, is a retired professor of medicine and board-certified internal medicine physician and cardiologist. He is Verywells Senior Medical Advisor. Learn about our Medical Review Board Richard Fogoros, MD Updated on January 02, 2020 Verywell / Gary Ferster More in Addiction Nicotine Use How to Quit Smoking After You Quit Nicotine Withdrawal Smoking-Related Diseases The Inside of Cigarettes Alcohol Use Addictive Behaviors Drug Use Coping and Recovery The nicotine lozenge is a  nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) that comes in the form of a small, candy-like, sugar-free tablet in flavors like cinnamon, fruit, and mint. When a nicotine lozenge is placed in the mouth and allowed to dissolve over the course of 20 to 30 minutes, nicotine is absorbed into the bloodstream, relieving short-term cravings to smoke.?? You cannot smoke while using nicotine lozenges, so many people use them as a quit aid, though there are many things you should know and understand about these lozenges before using them to help you quit smoking. Pros and Cons Nicotine lozenges offer smokers trying to quit and ex-smokers quick relief from cravings that are part of nicotine withdrawal. However, they are not a fail-safe solution. Lozenges should only be used on an as-needed basis, but since they are similar to candyâ€"both in taste and formâ€"the potential to abuse this quit aid is significant. While you dont need a doctors prescription for nicotine lozenges, they are a serious over-the-counter medication that must be used exactly as directed and you need to carefully wean yourself off of them in the amount of time suggested.?? Brands and Strengths Brand names associated with the nicotine lozenge include Commit, Nicorette, and Nicorette Mini Lozenge; all of these brands are made by GlaxoSmithKline and are available in the following strengths:?? The Commit and Nicorette lozenges are available in two strengths: 2mg and 4mgThe Nicorette Mini lozenge is also available in 2mg and 4mg strengths, but is smaller in size and dissolves up to three times faster than regular Nicorette lozenges Using Nicotine Lozenges You can choose the correct lozenge strength by knowing when your first cigarette of the day is or was smoked and following these guidelines:?? 4mg nicotine lozenges if the first cigarette is/was smoked within 30 minutes of waking2mg nicotine lozenges if the first cigarette is/was smoked 30 minutes or more after waking Nicotine lozenges should be used in the following dosages: Weeks 1â€"6: One lozenge every 1 to 2 hoursWeeks 7â€"9: One lozenge every 2 to 4 hoursWeeks 10â€"12: One lozenge every 4 to 8 hours Do not use more than five lozenges in 6 hours or 20 lozenges in a 24-hour period, and you should stop using nicotine lozenges by the end of 12 weeks. If you have trouble stopping, consult your doctor. Because acidic foods and beverages can inhibit the absorption of the nicotine through the lining of the mouth, lozenge manufacturers recommend waiting 15 minutes after eating before using a nicotine lozenge. Also, you cannot smoke or use any other NRT while using nicotine lozenges as you run the risk of a nicotine overdose. Side Effects   Side effects that are commonly associated with nicotine lozenge therapy include:?? Sore throatHeartburnNausea/indigestionHiccups If you experience any of the following extreme side effects, stop using the nicotine lozenge and contact your doctor immediately:?? Irregular heartbeat or heart palpitationsSevere throat irritationMouth sores or other problemsSymptoms of nicotine overdose, which may include dizziness, vomiting, confusion, blurred vision, and feeling weak Special Precautions to Consider If any of the following circumstances apply to you, consult your doctor before you begin using nicotine lozenges: You are pregnant. Smoking is harmful to the fetus, so you should try to quit before you get pregnant, if possible. If you are  not able to, its important to work closely with your doctor to safely quit smoking during pregnancy.You are using prescription quit aids such as Chantix or Zyban, or medications for depression or asthma, as dosages may need to be adjusted once you stop smoking.  Smokers metabolize some medications more quickly than non-smokers, so be sure to let your doctor know about all medicines youre taking, including vitamins and supplements.You are allergic to any medicines, foods, or other substances.You have heart disease, high blood pressure, angina, or have had a heart attack.You have diabetes, an overactive thyroid, blood vessel conditions like Brueggers disease, an adrenal gland tumor, or stomach  ulcers.You are on a low sodium diet or have phenylketonuria  (PKU). Nicotine is poisonous, and lozenges may contain enough nicotine to harm children or pets. Store them in a safe place and contact Poison Control at 800-222-1222 in case of an overdose. A Word From Verywell The nicotine lozenge can help you quit smoking, but keep in mind that it is a quit aid, not a miracle worker. The magic for success with smoking cessation lies within you, not a product. Work on developing your resolve to quit smoking one day at a time and be patient. Adding some online support to your quit program will improve the chance of long-term success with smoking cessation. The beauty of online help is that it is available to you 24/7 because people visit from all over the world.   Time, determination, and support will help you kick the habit of smoking. Believe that, believe in yourself, and be willing to do the work it takes to quit. Youll find that you can quit smoking, just as others have.

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The Lost Colony - 1125 Words

The Lost Colony Jamestown is thought by most of to be the first colony in the New World but this is not the complete truth. Jamestown is considered our first successful colony; however it was not the first attempt at a colony. There were a few attempts to colonize the New World before Jamestown and one in particular that was the most mysterious is the Roanoke colony, also known as the Lost Colony. The colony got this name because the colonists that were there vanished mysteriously with no trace of what happened. Sir Humphrey Gilbert and his half-brother Sir Walter Raleigh were both veterans of earlier colony efforts. In 1578 Gilbert managed to acquire a patent from Queen Elizabeth that would let him have exclusive rights for six years to†¦show more content†¦This created a dilemma for the would-be settlers. White and his assistants concluded that someone had to go back to England to get more supplies for the colony. Jon White was chosen to go and right before he left on August 18, 1587, his daughter, Eleanor Dare, gave birth to the first English child to be born on American soil. (2) On August 27, 1587, White set sail toward England in one of the smaller of the ships. With him he brought a crew of about fifteen men. Upon his return, White was forced into the newly organized Spanish Armada. Three years after his service was finished, White set sail back to the Roanoke colony. On August 18, 1590, his grand daughters birthday, White found, to his surprise, that the colonists were gone just like the colonist of Grenville had vanished. (3) There are many possibilities of what could have happened to them; they could have been slain by the natives as found when the colonists first arrived, but there were no reported evidence of bones, blood or bodies. They could have had a ship come and pick them up like the settlers did of Grenville, but the colonists of Roanoke were never seen or heard from since Whites departure. There was one piece of evidence that the settlers left, the words Croatoan were carved into a tree not far from the colony. White had left the settlers with a plan if they should come under attack while he was gone. HeShow MoreRelatedThe Lost Colony2063 Words   |  9 Pages The Lost Colony Darian Taylor History 101 Roanoke Darian Taylor December 2, 2014 The smell of the salt water hangs in the air on a crisp autumn day in the year 1585, as the sounds of waves crashing against the ships on the coast can be heard off in the distant. Sir Walter Raleigh s explorers Philip Amadas and Arthur Barlowe steps foot on the sand of the beach of what is now common day Virginia, and breaths in the air of what is the New World. RoanokeRead MoreThe Mystery of the Lost Colony941 Words   |  4 Pagesone of the great mysteries in the historical community. Within the span of three years, 120 colonists disappeared from an English colony on Roanoke Island, a small piece of land off the coast of North Carolina. The evidence left behind barely gives us a clue as to what could have happened to the entire colony. With the testimony of John White, the leader of the colony that left the settlement to get more supplies, and what little evidence there is, there have been many theories as to what actuallyRead MoreThe Disappearance Of The Lost Colony1598 Words   |  7 PagesPlymouth, England, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I to start a new life on the Outer Banks. This colony of over one hundred people disappeared from the Roanoke Island region, never to be seen again (Kramer 2). For over 400 years, historians and archeologists have attempted to determine what happened. Although there are several popular theories regarding the disappearance of the Lost Colony, the theory with the most evidence for being accurate is the migration theory. The two previous expeditionsRead MoreEssay Lost Colony of Roanoke967 Words   |  4 PagesFor centuries, the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island has been a controversial issue. Many theories exist that explain the disappearance of the colony. Some theories suggest that the colonists left the island to live with friendly neighboring Indians. Others suggest that a hurricane wiped out the colony or that a savage Indian tribe massacred them. The possibility of disease destroying them is also a debated topic. However, evidence indicates that the men and women left behind on Roanoke Island did notRead MoreEssay on The Lost Roanoke Colony741 Words   |  3 Pagesthought by most of our general population to be the first colony in the New World. This is only half true. Jamestown is considered our first successful colony, however it was not our first attempt at a colony. There were a few attempts to colonize the New World before Jamestown and one in particular that is found to be interesting is Roanoke also known as the Lost Colony. It received this name due to the fact that the colonists that settled this colony disappeared very mysteriously. This poses the questionRead MoreScience : The Mystery Of The Lost Colony1055 Words   |  5 PagesScience Unravels the Mystery of the Lost Colony What makes history such an interesting subject to study are the many mysteries intertwined with in it. Over the years many of the mysteries have been solved. However, one of the most intriguing mysteries still remains unsolved and leaves us with a question that needs to be answered, what happened to the settlers of the Lost Colony of Roanoke? Since their disappearance historians have come up with multiple theories about what could have possibly happenedRead MoreUnsolved Mysteries : The Lost Colony2458 Words   |  10 PagesUnsolved Mysteries - The Lost Colony During the 1500’s, the English started their first attempts at colonizing in the New World. One of the first colonies to settle in North America was named after the island on which they settled. That island was named the Roanoke Island. After a while of living on the island the colony had to return to England, since there had been a shortage of food and they had been attacked by nearby indians multiple times. A second group of English settlers also tried to settleRead MoreRoanoke Island: the Lost Colony1691 Words   |  7 PagesRoanoke Island: The Lost Colony Alycia Roberts HIST113 VC On July 22, 1587, long before the Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth Rock, 117 hopeful colonists from England landed ashore onto a tiny island along the coast of what is today North Carolina. The group unpacked and founded a settlement, Roanoke Island. Then they vanished without a trace. The story of the Lost Colony has fascinated people across four centuries and remains one of the enduring mysteries of early America. There are several theoriesRead MoreThe Mystery Of The Lost Colony Of Roanoke2021 Words   |  9 PagesThe mystery of the Lost Colony of Roanoke is a puzzling mystery about what happened to the first English settlers in America. The question is, what actually happened to them, because even with evidence and research no one knows for absolute certain what actually did happen. The disappearance of an entire colony, who left behind a dismantled settlement and the word Croatoan etched into a tree has stumped many archaeologists. Countless theories have arisen, some more outrageous than the restRead MoreFinding The Lost Colony Of Roanoke Essay2058 Words   |  9 PagesIn the late sixteenth, English put forth their effort to establish in America, specifically on Roanoke island. In 1584, English colonies found east coast of North America but not perman ently settled. Until 1587. Raleigh, John White and a group of 115 English settlers arrived at Roanoke Island. Although this great achievement had inflated nation s economy and promote country’s prosperity, its reign didn’t last long. John White came back to Roanoke after 3 years of disappearance. After his arrival

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Biography of Carl Sagan, Astronomer of the People

Astronomer and author Carl Sagan (November 9, 1934 — December 20, 1996) burst into public consciousness as the star and producer of the TV series Cosmos. He was a prolific researcher in astronomy  as well as a science popularizer who sought to educate the public about the universe and the value of the scientific method.   Early Years Born in Brooklyn, New York, Sagan grew up with a strong interest in the planets, stars, and science fiction. His father, Samuel Sagan, immigrated from what is now Ukraine and worked as a garment worker. His mother, Rachel Molly Gruber, encouraged his great interest in science. Sagan often cited his parents influence on his career, saying that his father influenced his imagination and his mother urged him to go to the library to find books about stars. Professional Life After graduating from high school in 1951, the young Sagan headed the University of Chicago for a degree in physics. At the University of Chicago, he took part in chemistry research about the building blocks of life. He went on to earn a Ph.D. in astronomy and astrophysics in 1960. Sagan left Illinois and began working at University of California - Berkeley, where he worked with a team to  build an instrument for a NASA mission to Mars called Mariner 2. In the 1960s, Sagan moved to Harvard University, where he worked at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory. There, he focused his research more closely on planetary science, with a particular interest in Venus and Jupiter. Sagan later moved again to Cornell University, where he served as director of the Laboratory for Planetary Studies. Sagans work with NASA continued. He was a principal advisor for the Viking missions and worked on the landing site selection. He also was instrumental in a project to put messages from humanity aboard the Pioneer and Voyager probes to the outer solar system. In 1976, he became  the David Duncan Professor of Astronomy and Space Sciences, a chair he held until his death. Research Interests and Activism Throughout his career, Carl Sagan remained deeply interested in the possibility of life on other worlds.  Throughout his work with NASA and the U.S. space program, he tirelessly promoted the ideas behind the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, colloquially known as SETI. Sagan worked on  several collaborative experiments, which ultimately demonstrated that, when exposed to ultraviolet light, mixtures of amino acids and nucleic acids could be produced in  conditions much like those of early Earth. Carl Sagan conducted early research on climate change. One of his studies showed that the high temperatures on the surface of Venus could be attributed to a runaway greenhouse effect. Throughout his career, Sagan continued his scientific research, ultimately publishing more than 600 papers. Throughout his work, he advocated for scientific skepticism and healthy reasoning, promoting skepticism as an alternative to belief systems of politics and religion. Sagan was also  an anti-war activist. He  studied the potential impact of nuclear war and advocated for nuclear disarmament. Science as a Way of Thinking As an avid skeptic and agnostic, Sagan promoted the scientific method as a tool for better understanding the world. In his book  Demon-Haunted World, he laid out strategies for critical thinking, deconstructing arguments, and testing claims. Sagan published a number of other science books aimed at a lay audience, including The Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence, and Brocas Brain: Reflections on the Romance of Science.  Ã‚  Ã‚   In 1980, Carl Sagans:  Cosmos: A Personal Voyage premiered on television.  The premiere turned Sagan into a well-known science popularizer. The show was aimed at a general audience, with each  episode  focusing on a different aspect of scientific discovery or exploration.  Cosmos  received two Emmy Awards.   Later Years and Legacy In the 1990s, Carl Sagan was diagnosed with a blood condition called myelodysplasia. He received three bone marrow transplants and ongoing treatment, continuing to work on his research and writing even as the condition worsened. At age 62, Sagan died of pneumonia associated with his condition. Sagan left a long-lasting legacy in the fields of astronomy and science education. Several awards for science communication are named after Carl Sagan, included two given by the Planetary Society. The Mars Pathfinder location on Mars is named the Carl Sagan Memorial Station.   Carl Sagan Fast Facts Full Name: Carl Edward SaganKnown For: Astronomer, author, and science popularizer  Born: November 9, 1934 in Brooklyn, New York, USADied: December 20, 1996 in Seattle, Washington, USAEducation: University of Chicago (B.A., B.S., M.S., Ph.D.)Selected Works:  Cosmos: A Personal Journey,  Demon-Haunted World,  The Dragons of Eden,  Brocas BrainKey Accomplishments:  NASA Medal of Honor (1977), Emmy Award for Outstanding Personal Achievement (1981), authored 600 scientific papers and dozens of popular science articles and books.Spouse Name:  Lynn Margulis (1957-1965), Linda Salzman (1968-1981),  Ann Druyan (1981-1996)Childrens Names: Jeremy, Dorion, Nick, Alexandra, Samuel  Famous Quote: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Sources and Further Reading Kragh, Helge. â€Å"Carl Sagan.† Encyclopà ¦dia Britannica, Encyclopà ¦dia Britannica, Inc., 27 Oct. 2017,  Head, Tom. Conversations with Carl Sagan (Literary Conversations), University Press of MIssissippi, 2006.  Terzian, Yervant, and Elizabeth Bilson. Carl Sagans Universe. Cambridge University Press, 2009.

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Gangs Free Essays

Gangs Inclusive Community Practices- CJS304 Written Reflection Assignment Submitted by: Vanessa B. Smithers Submitted to: Professor Treisha Hylton Date Submitted: Friday, November 30, 2012 Inclusive Community Practices- CJS304 Written Reflection Assignment Vanessa B. Smithers Gangs/Youth Gangs The Service de  police  de la Ville de  Montreal (Montreal Police) have defined a youth gang as â€Å"An organized group of adolescents and/or young adults who rely on group intimidation and violence, and commit criminal acts in order to gain power and recognition and/or control certain areas of unlawful activity† (Public Safety Canada- National Crime Prevention Centre, 2007). We will write a custom essay sample on Gangs or any similar topic only for you Order Now Youth gangs have become an urban phenomenon and since the mid 1980’s youth gang violence has increased in amplitude and severity, although the crime rate amongst twelve to seventeen year olds has been decreasing. The Canadian Police Survey on Youth Gangs states that youth gangs are a present and growing concern within Canadian communities, but we have not yet reached the magnitude of severity that is present in the United States of America. According to various Canadian studies, it has been demonstrated that: youth becoming involved in gang related activity are getting younger in age; the level of violence within these groups is rising; that more female youth are joining gangs; school boards are reporting more gang violence within their institutions; school yard bullies are being replaced with groups of youth who perform acts of â€Å"swarming†; and that extortion and drug dealing are becoming daily routines in some Canadian communities. I chose the topic of Gangs/Youth Gangs because it peaks a very high interest for me in regards to my current career as well as my hopes for my future career endeavours. Currently I am a Youth Worker at a shelter for male youth in the downtown Toronto core. Each and every day I encounter a number of youth who have gang involvement or who have previously been involved with gangs, some leading to involvement in the Ontario Justice System. Also, for my current Humber College placement I chose to work at Carleton Village Junior and Senior Sports and Wellness Academy located at Weston Road and St. Clair Avenue West. Through engagement and interaction with a variety of multi-cultural youth and children, I have learned that there are a number of students within the school who are in contemplation about joining gangs, some whose siblings and parents are involved in gangs, and a number of children who are on a path to becoming involved in gangs in the future. I have always had a fascination and a keen interest in acquiring knowledge as to why people, more specifically, children and youth choose to become active gang members and what in their lives are catalysts and causes them to resort to gang activity. When I think of the topic of gangs, it brings sadness to me because I am aware that most gang members become involved in gangs during their adolescent years, continuing into their adult years. Although this is a reality for some, through having an abundant amount of experience in working with children, as well as youth with a large amount of potential to be amazing, law abiding citizens, the topic of gangs is something that I feel very passionate about. The part about gangs that brings the most sadness to me is the fact that there are children who strive to be gang members, children who at the age of seven find the idea of gangs to be a phenomenon. They walk around with red bandanas to represent the â€Å"Bloods† and blue bandanas to represent the â€Å"Crips† without actually knowing what it is to be in a gang, until they reach an older age and recruit themselves into the gang life. Within the text book â€Å"Special Needs Offenders in the Community,† Jeff Rush and Rob Hanser state numerous important points which I will briefly touch on. The authors say that working with gangs is difficult because individuals deny that there is a gang problem, ignore the problem, and delay a response to the gang issue, also known as the â€Å"DID syndrome. The authors also state that the following characteristics are ones that are used in defining a gang: formal organization structure, identifiable leadership, identified within a territory, recurrent interaction and engaging in serious or violent behaviour. Within the text book it also states that prison gangs are referred to as â€Å"security threat groups. They mention that most prison gang members were street gang members at one point. The authors extenuate the fact that community collaboration (police and community members) is extremely important in tackling the issue gangs. Unfortunately the book states that gang involvement is usually life-long. The individuals have an abundant amount of forces pushing them to remain within the gang life, undermining most treatment regimens t hat are assigned to them once they are released from prison. Drawing from the presentation and the text book, I found most of the information presented important although, the most important ideas in relation to the Community Justice field I found were: the DID syndrome discussed earlier ( denying that there is a gang problem, ignoring the problem when it arises, and delaying a response to the problem), prison gangs, and the various stages of the comprehensive problem-solving model : the scanning stage ( looking for and identifying problems), the analysis stage ( to develop a further understanding of a problem), the response stage (developing response options that are consistent, and implementing the responses), and the assessment stage ( provides useful feedback on how well the response is working). I also felt as if studying the gang’s turf is an important factor for prevention and suppression programs in the city. Lastly, I felt as if the Gang Exit Program is a very important strategy where there is an assessment and intake, gang member intensive training and personal development and gang member case management. Within a Canadian context, all of the above points are very prevalent. In relation to the DID syndrome, there are many agencies within Canada, more specifically Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, that do not ignore or practice ignorance pertaining to gangs. There are ones that focus on identifying gang related issues and determining an appropriate response. Such agencies and programs consist of: Project Prevention Intervention, Breaking the Cycle and Operation Springboard. All of these listed agencies try to implement comprehensive problem-solving models, prevention, interventions and gang-exiting strategies. In regards to prison gangs, correctional facilities take proactive moves towards preventing any prison gangs and they do this through: segregation of prison members who appear to be in the same ‘gang,’ keeping a close eye on the inmates through direct observation and surveillance, acquiring knowledge regarding gangs locally, provincially and country wide, as well as having the skills to pick up on cues that may be identifying key factors of gang activity. During the class’s presentation on Gangs, amongst all the interesting points, there were two that I took a keen interest to. Firstly, it was stated that the last Canadian Police Survey on gangs was in 2002, and it reported that Canada has four hundred and thirty four youth gangs with Ontario ranking the highest and British Columbia next. Ontario has two hundred and sixteen youth gangs with a total of three thousand three hundred and twenty members, almost half (48%) of all youth gang members are under the age ofà ‚  18 of which (39%) are between 16 and 18 years old. The second one was regarding the Labelling Theory. Due to stigmas created by media such as newspapers, magazines, movies, books, and music, people have conjured up a set of ideals and norms about races, ages, religions and genders and use these ideals and norms to anticipate how that specific group is going to act. According to the book, ‘Issues and Perspectives on Young Offenders in Canada,’ Franklinn Tanenbaum developed the social-reaction/labelling theory where he states that â€Å"once a youth has been identified as having committed a delinquent act, the person becomes the thing he or she is described as being† (p. 38). In conclusion, the topic of gangs is something that sits close to my heart. It is my job as a future Community Justice Worker to not turn a blind eye to gang activity. In my opinion, it is the role of me, community members, families and caretakers to lay down and model the fundamental building blocks at a young age to ensure our children feel safe, creative, motivated, cared for, respected, heard, not labeled, not judged, powerful, intelligent and self-empowered. With this approach individuals will hopefully not resort to outside means in order to obtain these feelings artificially within gangs. Bibliography (2003). Canadian Police Survey on Youth Gangs. Canada: Minister of Public Safety Emergency Prepardness. Hanser, J. R. (2007). Gang Members as Special Needs Offenders. In R. D. Hanser, Special Needs Offenders in the Community (pp. 229-243). New Jersey, United States: Pearson Prentice Hall. (2005). Youth Gangs in Canada: A Preliminary Review of Programs Services. Calgary, Alberta: Canadian Research Institute for Law and the Family. Public Safety Canada- National Crime Prevention Centre. (2007). Youth Gangs in Canada- What do we Know? Canada: Government of Canada. Wynterdyk, J. A. (2005). Issues Perspectives on Young Offenders in Canada. Canada: Thomson Canada Limited. ——————————————– [ 1 ]. (2003). Canadian Police Survey on Youth Gangs. Canada: Minister of Public Safety Emergency Prepardness. [ 2 ]. Victims of Violence. (2011, February 28). Gang Group Violence. How to cite Gangs, Essay examples

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Cost and Quality Management Plans Free-Samples for Students

Question: Discuss about the Cost and Quality Management Plans. Answer: Deliverable report: Quality cost allows a company to evaluate the extent to which the resources are used for the activities to maintain the quality of the services and products and to protect the cost that takes place due to external or internal failure. This assists the company in determination of the expected savings (Farooq et al., 2017). Quality costs are covered under this four categories: Prevention cost prevention costs are incurred to prevent a quality problem on the operation. This cost is less expensive as compared to the other quality costs and are therefore highly recommended. These costs include proper training of the employees regarding assembling of products or control of statistical process. This costs assists in reducing the scrap costs. Appraisal cost these costs are incurred to prevent a quality problem to take place. It is done through various inspection, for instance, the workers from production department inspect both the outgoing as well s incoming parts of their work place (Kaplan Atkinson, 2015). Internal failure costs this cost is incurred when there is production of defective product. These costs are incurred in the form of reworked goods or scrapped goods. The cost for reworking is included under the cost only. External failure cost this cost is incurred when there is production of a defective product and to rework the product much more costs have to be incurred now in form of warranty claims, legal costs, product recall or the field services. The costs involved are mostly unquantifiable costs that are the cost associated with loss of customers (Sarkar Moon, 2014). From the given case study of Polyproducts Incorporated, it is identified that they are the leading producer of the rubber components and 800 people are employed by them, those are organized through the matrix structure. In Exhibit I, the salary projection of the employees are shown, whereas, in Exhibit II, overhead projections for next two years are revealed. They received a proposal from the Capital Corporation. To analyse the viability of the proposal they will assess the marketplace to establish the fact that whether they will be able to get competitive advantages or not. This task will be carried out by marketing group. To analyse this, the marketing group will present the prospectus of four competitive companies. After comparing with four competitors, if the proposal looks viable and profitable, then only Polyproducts Incorporated will accept the proposals from Capital Corporation. Project Estimated Hours Developers Analysts Others Total Cost Status Phase Req. Avg. Cost Req. Avg. Cost Cost 1 Phase 1 8 3 $90 6 $90 $90 $2,250 1.1 Phase 1.1 8 1 $30 1 $30 $30 $510 1.2 Phase 1.2 8 1 $30 0 $30 $30 $270 1.3 Phase 1.3 8 1 $30 5 $30 $30 $1,470 2 Phase 2 8 13 $90 6 $90 $90 $4,650 2.1 Phase 2.1 8 1 $30 1 $30 $30 $510 2.2 Phase 2.2 8 5 $30 0 $30 $30 $1,230 2.3 Phase 2.3 8 7 $30 5 $30 $30 $2,910 3 Phase 3 8 7 $90 18 $150 $150 $6,150 3.1 Phase 3.1 8 2 $30 3 $30 $30 $1,230 3.2 Phase 3.2 8 2 $30 3 $30 $30 $1,230 3.3 Phase 3.3 8 1 $30 3 $30 $30 $990 3.4 Phase 3.4 8 1 $30 4 $30 $30 $1,230 3.5 Phase 3.5 8 1 $30 5 $30 $30 $1,470 Total 24 23 30 $330 $13,050 Work breakdown with cost breakdown structure Reference Farooq, M. A., Kirchain, R., Novoa, H., Araujo, A. (2017). Cost of Quality: Evaluating Cost-Quality Trade-Offs for Inspection Strategies of Manufacturing Processes.International Journal of Production Economics. Kaplan, R. S., Atkinson, A. A. (2015).Advanced management accounting. PHI Learning. Sarkar, B., Moon, I. (2014). Improved quality, setup cost reduction, and variable backorder costs in an imperfect production process.International journal of production economics,155, 204-213.